My name is Adrienne Lunt, and  I am the founder of Adrienne Lunt Studios.  I have been fascinated with colour and shape my whole life.  You may notice that my paintings reflect these qualities.  I am married and my husband and I share space with a ten year old floppy eared rabbit.  I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada and when I turned 18 I came to the States to go to school.  I attended Chatham College (now a university) in Pittsburgh PA, and received an interdepartmental major in Biology and Communications.  During this time I also met my husband James.   A couple of years after graduation we moved out to Philadelphia where we both went back for more schooling.  Two years later I became a Certified Veterinary Technician, which is a nurse for animals.  I loved the work, but found that my true passion is art, specifically painting and drawing.  I have been developing Adrienne Lunt Studios since the beginning of 2012 and am pleased to present this website for you.  The site is still relatively new and may have a few rough edges, so I do beg your pardon.  I hope you enjoy my work, much of which is for sale.  Some paintings are already sold, and the organization of them will come with time. I plan on regularly uploading more images from my inventory.  Please feel free to contact me, I am always up for a chat and I do take commissions.